Why IVF in Istanbul

IVF in Istanbul is increasingly popular in many European countries and the USA, especially Germany, UK, Belgium and Holland. There are several advantages of having an IVF treatment in Istanbul.

  1. Medicine and specifically IVF is very advanced in Turkey. Demand for IVF in Turkey is very high and increasing rapidly. The use of new technologies, the long history of the clinics and highly experienced staff in the clinics and consequently very high success rates increasingly draw attention to Turkey, specifically to the clinics in Istanbul.
  2. The cost of IVF is very low compared to many European countries and the USA. Please check our price list
  3. The surgical procedures, if needed, such as hysteroscopy and laparoscopy, are also available with very little cost and with great safety.
  4. The cost of infertility drugs is also lower compared to those in many European countries.
  5. Turkey is a great country with lots of touristic activities. You will have lots of opportunities to see old Ottoman, Byzantine art in several museums in addition to modern art museums and many art galleries in Istanbul. Many couples like to visit some other touristic cities in Turkey during their treatment and even have a summer holiday in nearby cities. Istanbul is a vibrant city with lots of fun activities, wonderful restaurants, sightseeing, night clubs etc.

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